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UA STAR Program
If you are a UA member and want to prepare for or take the STAR exam, contact your local union Training Coordinator. They have access to online review material for each of the sections covered in the STAR exam. They can also provide you with study guides and review examinations. Please ask your Training Coordinator if they have any regularly scheduled UA STAR review classes. If you are a Training Coordinator and are not yet registered with the UA Interactive Online Curriculum where these review materials are stored, please click here.

The UA STAR certification program enables UA members to receive industry recognition for their training and technical skills and covers each of the four UA trades. Click on each trade to see a breakdown of the categories covered by that exam. This exam also allows employers and customers to be assured that they are dealing with a trained, highly-skilled technician.

To sit for the UA STAR exam you must have five years work experience. To receive 32 college credits through Washtenaw Community College for the exam you must have been a member of the UA for five years. The only exception is when the STAR exam is administered as a fifth-year final exam.

If you are a Training Coordinator and would like to use the UA STAR exam as your fifth year final exam, please contact Cathy Merkel at (410) 269-2000, EXT 4028.

If you are a Business Manager or Training Coordinator and would like to schedule an exam, please contact Mike Massey at National Inspection Testing Corporation (NITC) at (877) 457-6482.